Kodak Projector Case - Mini Projector

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Fashionable protection for your Kodak Projector!

Never leave your Kodak Projector behind because you're too afraid of scratching, chipping, or otherwise damaging the surface while chasing memories. This Kodak Projector Case fits your Projector snugly, so you don't have to worry about damage from jostling about or sudden shifts during transport. Its decorative fabric construction is durable to hold up over time, yet lightweight enough to make it easy to carry even when you're on the go. Add the built-in carry handle and you'll find it even easier to take along your Kodak Projector to parties and get-togethers, so you never miss the perfect party shot. The specialized case features built-in pockets, So you can fit all your accessories. Choose from among three stylish fashion colors, each featuring the same strength and durability for long wear.

What You Get

  • Fabric Case for Kodak Projector
  • Easy, Built in Carry Handle
  • Built-in Pockets for all your Accessories

Specs & Details

  • One (1) fabric case for Kodak Projector
  • One (1) easy, built-in carry handle
  • Durable, decorative fabric construction
  • Choice of three colors, including black, grey, and blue
  • Built-in pockets for all your accessories

How to Enjoy

  • Protect your Kodak Projector wherever you go
  • Easy-to-use fabric cover was made to fit Kodak Projector
  • Use the easy carry handle for convenient carrying options
  • Choose from three colors, including black, blue, or grey
  • Use the built-in pockets to conveniently store all your accessories