KODAK LED Light Box 5”x4” for Negatives


5”x4” for Negatives
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Step Back in Time with the KODAK LED Light Box! This Multipurpose Light Panel Provides Ultra Bright, Even, Consistent Illumination for Viewing & Digitizing Old Films, Slides & Other Transparencies | Simply Place Negatives on Top of Board & Use Your Smartphone or DSLR Camera to Scan

98% ACCURATE COLOR RESTORATION | While Inferior Models Only Reach 92%-95% Accuracy, Our Professional-Quality LED Light Board Achieves Rich, Brilliant, True-to-Life Color & Original Image Replica Up to 98% | High-End Photographic Light Source & Diffusion Acrylic Help Distribute Light Evenly, Eliminating Glare & Hot Spots

IDEAL FOR STUDIO OR REMOTE WORK | Lightweight, Compact, Portable Design Enables Flexibility at Home or On-the-Go with [2] Power Options: Use the Included USB Cable for Continuous Power or Battery Operation for Wireless Off-Grid Use [Requires 6 AAA Batteries] | Stores Easily in Drawer, Camera Bag or Backpack

PERFECT CLARITY FOR ARTISTS & TATTOOISTS | High-Performance Light Panel Delivers Flicker-Free Intensity & Beautiful Color Reproduction, Making it a Great Choice for Sketching, Illustration, 2D Animation, Architect & Engineer Drawings, Calligraphy & Other Work Requiring Tracing | Also Use as Artificial Light Source for Photography

A MEANINGFUL GIFT THAT GIVES & GIVES | Surprise Mom, Dad, Grandparents & Loved Ones with a Trip Down Memory Lane! This Easy-to-Use Lightbox Requires No Complicated Scanners, Additional Apps, or Pricy Conversion Services | Place Big Batches of Film from Your Collection Onto the Pad Surface to View at Same Time

Product Description

A portable portal to the past  

Experience bygone memories in stunning, true-to-life detail with the 5”x4” LED Light Box from KODAK. This compact backlit white board illuminates a variety of objects but is mostly used for viewing old slides, negatives, and films. Place your transparency atop its durable acrylic panel and see the past come to life with up to 98% color accuracy, no hot spots, and zero glare in sight. In addition to everyday viewing, the box can also be used with popular film scanning apps on your smartphone or as a surface for tracing images, drafting architectural plans, sketching tattoos, and beyond. From shoebox to lightbox, give your dusty film strips a second chance—add a KODAK LED Light Box to your cart today!


Get together with Grandpa and Grandma to view old photo slides and experience yesteryear with amazing simplicity


Use as a versatile work surface for drawing, tracing, tattoo sketching, calligraphy, and other arts and crafts


Illuminate, optimize, and enhance images when converting from old-school slides and films to today’s digital formats

Picture perfect performance for old slides, films and beyond  

Thanks to its versatility and consistency, the KODAK LED Light Box receives glowing reviews from nostalgic photographers and working professionals alike. Small, thin, and lightweight, the panel’s photographic LED light source and diffusion acrylic surface are capable of reproducing color with up to 98% accuracy, while effectively diffusing light and eliminating hot spots in the process. So whether you’re walking down memory lane or expressing your creative side, images always appear flawlessly.

What You Get

  • 1 x LED Light Box from KODAK
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • User Guide

Specs & Details

  • Dimensions: 6.2” L x 5.9” W x 0.6” H
  • Viewing Area: 5” x 4”
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs.
  • Battery Power: 6 x AAA 1.5 V
  • USB Input Voltage/Current: 5 V/2 A
  • Light Source: LED
  • Color Temperature: 5000K ± 270K

Crystal-clear imaging

See old photographs with the same clarity, color, and contrast as the original
PRO TIP: No more sorting and swapping! Lay multiple films across the surface to view many photographs at once

Brilliant output

LEDs produce steady, flicker-free light with zero glare or hotspots
Use as a versatile work surface for drawing, tracing, tattoo sketching, calligraphy, and other arts and crafts

Maximum restoration

Most boxes achieve 92% to 95% color quality, but ours restores to 98% accuracy
PRO TIP: Dust off old films and make sure slide is as flat as possible prior to placing on panel; use a negative scanner to digitize and save

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