KODAK 35mm Slide and Film Viewer


35mm Slide and Film Viewer
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  • OLD MEMORIES COME TO LIFE – Personal Slide Viewer Provides a Glimpse Into the Past by Displaying Photos From 35MM Slides & Other Film Negatives for All to Enjoy
  • POWERFUL BACKLIT SCREEN – Large Viewing Area Features Ultra Bright Daylight LED Illumination to Render Images in Vivid, Crystal Clear Detail [Color or B&W]
  • JUST POP IN THE SLIDE TO SEE – Dedicated Slide Slot & Film Input Allow You to Load & Look in an Instant; Quick-Eject Button Removes Slide So You’re On to the Next!
  • TRIPLE THE MAGNIFICATION – Since Most Slides & Films are Super Small, Our Built-In Magnifier Lens Enlarges Images by 3X Without Distortion, Blurriness or Loss of Detail
  • INCREDIBLE PORTABILITY – Convenient Battery Operation Lets You View & Share Old Photos Anywhere in the World; Perfectly Compact for Your Luggage or Purse

From the manufacturer

For instant time travel, just insert a slide!   So many of our memories are stuck in the past, stored away in old shoeboxes to be lost or forgotten forever. Now, with the KODAK 35mm Slide Viewer, no nostalgic photo gets left behind! This unique little device allows you to view pictures from your old 35mm slides and similar film negatives—no advanced software or conversion equipment necessary. Just plug it into the wall or insert AA batteries [adapter and batteries not included], and behold your precious pictures in bright, vivid color! Images are blown up triple the size so you can experience the excitement of yesteryear like never before Best of all, our exceptionally simple design ensures that everyone from young kids to tech-troubled adults can operate the viewer without worry. Feed any compatible film through the easy-load input, or pop a slide into the slot for instant viewing. There’s even a quick-eject button that removes the inserted slide so you can load the next. So stop talking about the golden days—and start reliving them! Dust off those old shoeboxes, and add a KODAK 35mm Slide Viewer to your cart today!


Picture-Perfect Memories
Feeling sentimental all of a sudden? This powerful slide and film viewer makes sharing old photographs surprisingly simple. Whether you have a ton of old 35mm slides, films or negatives, our versatile device lets you see them all


Large Backlit Display

Behind the generous glass viewing area are plenty of bright daylight LED bulbs, which gently illuminate images for maximum clarity and contrast. It’s perfect for viewing pictures anytime, anywhere

Load-and-Look Ease

No more fumbling with multiple adapters or numerous machines for each film type. View old vacation photos, family portraits or birthday snaps in an instant by loading them one by one via slide slot or film feeder

Make it Magnified

The trouble with old slides is that they are so small! Instead of squinting, users view the projected images with 3X magnification thanks an integrated lens. Photos appear bigger without losing sharpness or detail


Power Source - 6V AC/DC adapter [not included] or [4] 1.5V AA alkaline batteries [not included]
Magnifying Power- 3x
Light Source- Daylight LED
Dimensions - 6.5” x 6” x 3” [165 x 155 x 80mm]
Net Weight- 17.5 oz. [495g]
Magnifying Power- 1 year limited

Full Feature List

3X the Clarity - Enjoy old photos with never- before-seen detail thanks to the built-in lens’ triple magnification power
Ideal Angle - 3x
Light Source- The back-lit screen is positioned at an upward angle, so it’s easy to view images without straining
Adapt to View - If you don’t have a power source, use batteries to entertain friends and family at home or on the road
Light & Compact- The unit is lightweight for carrying and compactly designed for storage, measuring just 6”.5 x 6” x 3”
Lifelike Lighting- Images display without discoloration or wash-out with our specially selected ‘daylight’ LED bulbs
Easy Exit Tray- Press the quick-release button, and watch the current slide eject from the slot for effortless retrieval
Numerous Negatives- Although 35mm slides fit precisely in the slot, there’s also a film feeder for viewing similar negatives
Neat Nostalgic Gift- If you have a parent or grandparent with a bunch of old films, this makes a sensational present
Stress-Free Maintenance- Clean the lens with a soft, dry cloth; also, if storing for an extended period, be sure to remove batteries

Product guides and documents

  • Kodak Slide & Film Viewer Manual
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 146 reviews
    Paulo Botinas
    Kodak Slide viewer

    Nice item with option to power it by using batteries or connect to power supplier or even to a laptop. The site had some issues on first attempt to pay by PayPal.

    Michele Beyer
    Achat récent

    Je viens d'acheter cette visionneuse pour trier mes anciennes diapos j'en plusieurs centaines
    Fonctionne très bien Il faut penser à se munir d'une pince car parfois ça coince !
    On va pouvoir faire des projections sur écran en famille

    Jefferson W.
    Quality device

    Overall, this device works well for me and serve it intended purpose except for some times when the slides get stuck and I had to shake the viewer for it to return to normal. It is really good and I am still enjoying it.

    Keith C.
    Works well with large volume

    I had a large volume of slides and negatives to go through and this worked perfectly for my needs.

    DIEGO S.
    Works as advertised

    Viewer is perfect for viewing and selecting prints because it makes it easy to magnify them as well.