KODAK Photo Gear Mini Tripod with Remote 9ʺ/23 cm

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Little support for big shots

Get amazing shots with the KODAK Photo Gear Mini Tripod with Remote 9ʺ/23 cm. Equip either of the included adapters to use your smartphone or camera on this mount. Utilize this small, versatility tripod to get some special, beautiful shots close to the ground. Or place this lightweight stand on a high place to capture spectacular bird’s-eye shots. No need to even stand behind the tripod when you use the Bluetooth® remote. Stand from a distance and take pictures with the press of a button.

Get a distinctive angle for any picture using the 360° ball head to tilt or pan your camera or phone. Get amazing closeups by converting this tripod to a 11” selfie stick. Change the 5-position expanding legs to lower the height for a new perspective. The mini and compact design makes this tripod easy to pack in your suitcase or backpack and is the perfect travel partner for any photographer, Youtuber, or vlogger. Use this durable, reliable tripod to take countless photos.