KODAK Photo Gear Flexible Tripod 12”/30.5 cm

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Capture the flexibility

Get amazing shots with the KODAK Photo Gear Flexible Tripod 12”/30.5 cm. Equip either of the included adapters to use your smartphone or camera on this mount. Do not worry about steadiness because with the rubber feet, the tripod will stay firmly in place. Snap several unique shots from different angles using the flexibility of this tripod. The adjustable, flexible legs allow you to place the tripod on railings, hooks, and other places that would not be possible with a standard tripod.

Get a distinctive angle for any picture using the 360° ball head to tilt or pan your camera or phone. Get amazing closeups by converting this tripod to a 12” selfie stick. The malleable and convenient design allows you to wrap up the legs and easily place the tripod in your bag or backpack. The design of this tripod makes it the perfect travel partner for any photographer, Youtuber, or vlogger. Use this durable, reliable tripod to take countless photos.