KODAK LUMA 450 Portable Full HD Smart Projector

  • Regular price €549,99

The big picture that fits in your back pocket

Experience the peak of projection perfection with the KODAK LUMA 450. Instantly stream your favorite movies and shows in full HD on a screen that expands up to 150". The built-in Android™ OS includes a selection of pre-installed apps, screen mirroring capabilities, and so much more.

The KODAK LUMA 450 can play files from USB or HDMI® connection ports, and supports streaming video over Android applications. Connect compatible devices wirelessly via Miracast to mirror your screen, or cast videos from compatible apps using DLNA. View your movies on a proportional screen, no matter the surface. Auto vertical keystone correction ensures your screen will always show correctly, even if the display surface is warped. Download and connect with the KODAK LUMA mobile application to use your phone as a remote and take full advantage of the screen mirroring features.