KODAK LUMA 350 Portable Smart Projector

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A cinema in the palm of your hand

The KODAK LUMA 350 serves as your all-in-one portable cinema. Featuring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as USB and HDMI inputs, it’s powered by Android, so you can also download your favorite apps and stream your shows without ever touching your phone.

The KODAK LUMA 350 can play files from USB or HDMI® connection ports, and supports streaming video over Android applications. Connect compatible devices wirelessly via Miracast to mirror your screen, or cast videos from compatible apps using DLNA. View your movies on a proportional screen, no matter the surface. Auto vertical keystone correction ensures your screen will always show correctly, even if the display surface is warped.

Customer Reviews

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Krishna Rao
Great Product

Really it's a great product. We enjoyed like a cinema in our home. Just connect a Home Theater to it and its amazing.

Debra Steelman
Perfectly Portable if you DONT USE HULU

Perfect picture, satisfactory sound, and I agree with what other positives purchasers have said. HOWEVER, Hulu and Kodak need some sort of a compatibility agreement because Kodak is providing the Hulu app on a portable projector while Hulu has blocked usage on all hotspots so unless you are on your home network or a standard WiFi Hulu is useless on this projector. My husband travels weekly for work and this is the only reason we bought a projector.

Great product but showing its age.

Bought this back in February. It's used about 12 hours a week for the kids. USB jack often powers a 1st gen Chromecast for ultimate portability.
Plugged in 80% of the time to a Roku but when we do go wireless it doesn't hold a charge like it used to.
A few dead pixels later and a more finicky focus wheel but we still love this thing.
Onboard apps don't work half the time but with the Chromecast and Roku it isn't a big deal.
World but it again in a heartbeat
*some limited 3D functionality when contacted to a 3D source

Radmila S.
Great buy

It feels like a rock when I touch it. It looks solid and just fit right on my pocket. The picture quality is great too! I'm not really sure, but I say it's beyond 1080p but below 4K. Great buy!

Paula S.
Eye-pleasing vision

Finding a mini and portable projector that gives out clear, colorful, and eye-pleasing vision is a little hard. But the Kodak Luma 350 is all of those. It's definitely a five-star product worth having.