KODAK Filter Set Pack of 3 Premium UV, CPL & ND4 Filters 37mm-105mm

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KODAK Filter Set Pack of 3 Premium UV, CPL & ND4 Filters 37mm-105mm

Make everything picture perfect

Take an incredibly crafted shot with the KODAK Filter Set. This collection comes with three unique filters: UV, CPL, and ND4. A complete filter collection designed for beginners and professionals alike. Each filter helps stylize your images with stunning photo effects. The ultraviolet filter protects the lens and cuts through atmospheric haze, neutralizing color and improving contrast fidelity. The circular polarizing filter removes reflections from glass and water for unparalleled clarity and increased color saturation. And finally, the neutral density filter controls exposure, improves depth of field, captures motion of moving objects, and renders water with that stunningly smooth, misty, silky appearance.

These durable filters are comprised of a hard-wearing aluminum ring and Japanese glass. The multi-layered coating protects your camera lens from UV damage and other environmental threats. And with coated nano protection, you will have fantastic optical effects for years to come. Use these filters to safeguard your lens, upgrade your scenic images, or experiment with breathtaking visual effects.



3 pack of lens filters

UV filter reduces atmospheric haze

CPL filter reduces reflection & increases saturation

ND4 filter prevents overexposure & expresses movement

Durable, multi-coated design

Creates photo-enhancing effects

Multi-threaded design allows multiple filters to be stacked


Package Contains

UV lens filter

CPL lens filter

ND4 lens filter

Microfiber cloth

Storage case

Storage package

Mini user guide



Photo filter effect type: Enhancing, ultraviolet, neutral density

Lens material: Japanese glass

Frame material: Aluminum

Coating: Multi-layer

Nano coating: Yes

Warranty: 10 years