KODAK Film Scan Tool for PC and MAC

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The distant past goes digital!

Love reminiscing with your old film negatives and slides? With the NEW Film Scan Tool from KODAK, you can view, edit and convert your old photos—no tech savvy necessary! This simplified scanner delivers crisp, clear, beautiful images with the press of a single button. Best of all, there’s no straining to see. Connect the device to your PC or Mac computer, and you can view, edit and save photos from the convenience of a larger screen. Features include rotate, mirror, and RGB color and brightness adjustment.

Unlike other frustrating scanners that require you to remove the tray and re-position slides each time, our easy-load insert system allows for continuous feeding, speeding up the scanning process significantly. Two slide adapters are also provided for compatibility with plastic carton and cardboard slide frames. You can finally ditch the expensive SD cards, microscopic displays and stressful on-board buttons—and simply scan! Add a KODAK Film Scan Tool to your cart today!

Customer Reviews

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Bob in Illinois
Great hardware and a very intuitive Software Interface

I purchased the Kodak Digital Film Scan Tool from a retailer.

After downloading the software from Kodak's website, I was up and scanning slides and negatives in minutes.

For those of you who remember Kodacolor prints, the negatives have an orange filter built into the emulsion. The Scanner recognized the negative, removed the orange filter, and reversed the negative into a positive. All in one easy step! (I thought I would have to Photoshop (tm) the scanned image, remove the filter, and then reverse the negative - - - this saved a lot of steps).

Scanning was very quick, and I'm only using a USB 2.0 interface.

Lots of resolution
Standard jpeg = 388 kB (OK for e-mails)
Interpolated jpeg = 947 kB (yawn)
Standard TIFF = 16 Meg (OK, you've got my attention - should be good for a 4x6 print at least)
Interpolated TIFF = more than 59 Meg (looks like I will need an external hard drive!)

At its present price point, I think this is a great scanner. It works as advertised, resolution settings seem right for "snapshots" or more serious work, the software is quite user-friendly, and the whole thing is in a nice, compact form factor.

I think the Kodak scanner is a real winner, and I will be looking forward to securing my old slides/negative into easily shareable digital formats.

Thanks, Kodak!!

Mal O
Works differently on different O/S's

Recieved the scanner yesterday. Works fine on my old XP but on my W7 PC there is no "Live View" being displayed (same scanner & same install disk). Have yet to try it on my W10 PC. Results are as good as can be expected from old slide/negative originals so photoShop is a must.

Victor L.
Does not work on WIN10

Followed directions for Windows PC. Upon completing the software installation, the "Open Scanner Failed!" message appears, then the "Image Scan Tool" screen appears, but the only function available is the "Register" button. I registered, then closed down everything to restart my computer. STILL I tried the troubleshooter and that did not work. I uninstalled the software and downloaded the software from the website instead of the provided CD. I STILL GET THE "Open Scanner Failed!" message and nothing works. I sent a LiveChat message for help and if I don't get a response tomorrow I will return for a full refund. Very disappointed!!!.

Good Edit options

I like that they added the flip, RGB options etc but really the product wouldn't make much sense without them.

Alex R.
Amazing scanner

Wonderful into scanning negatives into digital images